About Lally Consulting

Lally Consulting LLC is an independent engineering and environmental consulting firm active in the coastal engineering, dredging, environmental remediation, and habitat restoration sectors. We are based in Seattle, Washington, and operate regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Service Areas

  • Coastal and Waterway Engineering
  • Dredging Engineering and Optimization
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Fish, Habitat and Environmental Monitoring
  • Sediment Sampling, Remote Sensing, and Oceanographic Data Collection
  • Coastal / Hydrodynamic / Sediment Transport Processes Modeling
  • Construction Oversight and Management
  • Underwater Inspection



About John Lally

John Lally, P.E., the firm’s principal engineer, has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the planning, engineering and construction of dredging, coastal engineering and habitat restoration projects, as both a consulting engineer and marine contractor.

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